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ABC: Broadcast led with attempts to create an “aura of inevitability” around Obama, with Casey endorsement and Leahy’s comments. Video of Bill Clinton’s “bunch of bull” response. Package said Obama is “pushing hard” in PA with new ad, but Clinton has universal name ID and roots in the state. Stephanopoulos said Obama team fears backlash from calls for Clinton to quit, especially in PA and among women. He also said race may turn sharply if Obama wins Indiana or North Carolina May 6. News of Chelsea Clinton’s prediction that her mother would be a better president than her father.

CBS: Package on pressure for Clinton to quit, including Leahy and Dodd comments about wrapping up the race. Mention of Dean’s request for superdels to announce their picks by July 1. Separate package on superdelegates’ hard decision between a candidate favored by black and young voters and a candidate favored by women. Brief mention of Obama’s comments on Wright from “The View.”

NBC: Led with Condoleezza Rice’s comments about race, Obama’s speech. Noted she’s said similar things before but the “tone and timing made people think.” Covered Obama on “The View” distancing himself from Rev. Wright. Highlighted Casey’s endorsement, adding it could be a part of a “family feud” since Clintons distanced themselves from his father in the past. Touched on pressure on Clinton to leave the race, Leahy and Dean comments, McCain’s first general election ad, Clinton and Obama’s back-and-forth on the “movie” the race has turned into, Chelsea Clinton choosing her mother over her father as the better president. “Family ties” series looked at Obama’s upbringing.

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