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ABC: Led with Iraq violence then moved to the economy. Package analyzed all three candidates’ economic proposals, expert said none of them have a strong enough plan to deal with current crisis. Also noted swipes candidates are taking at each others’ plans. Gibson interviewed Obama, talked about party infighting, defended Wright using argument that if the “five dumb things” anyone said were compressed into 30-second clips anyone would understandably be upset.

NBC: Led with FDA investigating potential link between popular asthma medicine and suicide. Then discussed international news before moving to Obama. Package covered speech, noting he spoke at same podium Lincoln once did, as well as Clinton’s. Said both “seemed to be above the fray” but behind the scenes fighting is going on. Discussed Rev. Wright reprinting anti-Israel op-eds in his church newsletters, polls showing Wright hasn’t hurt Obama. Short Obama interview asked him about Wright, he said bringing it up is a “distraction.” Started “family ties” series looking at Clinton’s family background. Short interview with her explaining the influence of her parents. Spoke to Sen. Arlen Specter about his book.

CBS: Led with increased violence in Iraq, Bush speech then went into Obama interview. Discussed pulling out the troops, said tactics of Patreaus have brought progress, but there’s been no overarching strategy. Talked about economic woes, said Clinton dropping out is a decision she has to make.

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