Obama Releases ’00-’06 Tax Returns, Calls on Clinton to Follow Suit

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Campaign posts seven-years’ worth of returns and schedules on their website. Take a look at them here.

Obama Communications Director Robert Gibbs says on media call that “in a little over two weeks” when they’re finished being filed they’ll add 2007 returns.

Also calls out Clinton in memo for “dragging her feet,” criticizes campaign for only offering target date of three days before Pennsylvania’s primary. Read more here.

Gibbs on call: “The Clinton campaign has been exceedingly cagey about when they are going to release those tax returns” and have been “dead silent” about the information that will come along with the release.

On state senate records, says “there’s nothing to release,” turns question around on Clintons when asked about tax returns before ’00. Listen to audio of full call here.

Update: Clinton says in Pennsylvania Tuesday afternoon that she hopes to release her tax returns “within the next week.” Read more here.

LA Times: “The Obama family’s newfound wealth…led the couple to contribute substantially more to charitable causes than they had before.”

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