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NBC: Led with “politics and the pastor” story of Clinton weighing in on Rev. Wright. Suggested she did so because she was behind in the math. Mentioned her further clarifying about Bosnia trip. Russert weighed in, said Clinton woke up awash in Bosnia stories, Obama releasing his tax returns and made “an attempt to change the subject” and get focus back on Obama. Noted conservative setting of Pittsburgh paper where she made the remarks, deep distress supers have about devisiveness. Broadcast also highlighted McCain’s Reagan endorsement, economy speech. Package looked at Obama, Clinton’s proposals on housing, mortgage crisis. Noted Chelsea Clinton on Lewinsky question.

CBS: Led with almost sarcastic package on Clinton’s Bosnia comments saying her one “misstatement” wasn’t the only one. Showed video of her using Bosnia to boost her national security creds several times throughout campaign. Pointed to another discrepancy in her telling Philly’s Daily News that she greeted the girl and immediately left the tarmac, when video shows she lingered. Says voters may now question her trustworthiness. Covered CBS delegate count, back-and-forth between campaigns, Clinton’s Rev. Wright remarks, e-mail battles and McCain “watching with relish.” Noted Chelsea Clinton’s Lewinsky question, Reagan endorsement, McCain economic speech.

ABC: Led with Clinton’s Bosnia “embellishment” and her brushing off pressure to drop out. Said “substantive policy proposals” are being “all but drowned out” by the damage control she’s being forced to do. Noted Clinton’s Wright comments, how she’s likely to face more foreign policy scrutiny. Tapper weighed in, said “jury is still out” on the harm the Bosnia flap will do. Said she needs to worry about her biggest weakness (perceived trustworthiness) undercutting her biggest strength (national security). Quoted one Democratic operative saying Clinton only has “Tonya Harding option” left, which is to knee cap Obama.

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