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NBC: Led with 4,000th U.S. Iraq death with lengthy piece recapping numbers, personal piece with soldier families. Then, said Dem campaign becoming “more divisive” noting Carville’s Judas comments, McPeak statements. Highlighted Clinton’s strategy of counting electoral votes, looked at her Bosnia flap. Russert weighed in, responded to Politico argument that Clinton can’t win. Said it would be risky for Dems to allow supers to choose Clinton as nominee, but Clinton says riskier for them to pick someone who couldn’t win. Noted Kilpatrick charges, booking.

CBS: Led with economic news of house sales rising in February, noting new hopes for “turnaround” but national sales are still down. Then, gotcha piece covered Clinton’s “embellishing” of her Bosnia record with CBS correspondents who traveled with disputing her version of the trip. Showed her greeting kids, taking photos at Army outposts and singing at a concert saying there was no “sniper fire” at any of those events. Noted Kilpatrick charges, U.S. Iraq death toll.

ABC: Led with Iraq milestone. Cheney expressed regret in interview saying Americans were “fortunate” to have volunteers to go in harm’s way for them. Noted Bush meeting with national security team this week to decide whether to withdraw more troops. Likely 130,000 soldiers still in Iraq when he leaves office. Followed by remembering deceased soldiers, then, moved to house sales rising, Kilpatrick news.

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