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CBS: Led with 5-year anniversary of Iraq War, included McCain’s continued support for the effort and opposition to a fast withdrawal. Package looked at Clinton’s trip to Michigan to encourage new primary, charge that not seating Michigan and Florida delegates is “un-American.” Mention of new poll figures. First look through Clinton’s White House schedules is called “inconclusive” in terms of supporting or undermining her foreign police experience.

ABC: Stephanopoulos recapped the day’s political news, including the growing unlikelihood of revotes in Florida and Michigan, discussed possible fallout from Obama’s race speech. Investigative piece on Clinton’s first lady schedules was skeptical those experiences would translate to the presidency. Also pointed to documents involving Clinton’s support for NAFTA and her schedule during the Lewinsky scandal. Package on five-year anniversary of war in Iraq highlighted speeches of both Democratic candidates on the issue.

NBC: Led with weather worries, then turned to Iraq anniversary. Chronicled candidates weighing in, said Clinton, Obama highlighted differences on troop pullout plans. Then, covered Clinton’s “Michigan detour” where she made “her strongest push yet,” despite stalemate in legislature. Touched on Clinton document release, Clinton’s Murtha endorsement. Followed with McCain’s Mideast visit, McCain interview on Sunni-Shi’ia gaffe and Iraq stance, Obama’s seizing on error.

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