Evening News Roundup

Various networks

All three programs led with lengthy political blocks.

ABC: After recap of Tuesday, news that Clinton finally took a well-deserved nap as advocates touted her new momentum. Then a look at Obama’s sharper edge against her. Package on superdelegates and the Florida/Michigan dilemma. Stephanopoulos said Clinton team now acknowledges Florida and Michigan may need a new vote, as party worries about a 2000-style deadlock. Report on Bush’s endorsement of McCain, along with their past disagreements.

CBS: Tuesday recap stressed Clinton regaining her base of women and white men, mentioned her apparent openness to a potential ticket with Obama. Report on Obama’s more aggressive tone after his “blown” chance on Tuesday. Jeff Greenfield offered useful summary of upcoming primary/caucus calendar, mentioned chance of re-votes in Florida and Michigan. McCain package included uncertainty about Bush attending McCain rallies, showed ad saying McCain is “McSame” as the unpopular president.

NBC: Led with Clinton’s wins, appearances on morning shows. Said her goal is to keep superdelegates from Obama, keep showing her humor. Then moved onto Obama, called him “more subdued,” said he blamed Clinton’s “kitchen sink strategy,” the press for losses. Lee Cowan characterized next seven weeks as “an all-out appliance war” with Obama fighting back. Then, onto McCain, called Bush endorsement his “eye of the beholder moment,” recapped his ups and downs in race and noted new RNC help. Russert weighed in, said Michigan, Florida would be important do-overs but we’re not there yet, expressed skepticism of a Clinton-Obama ticket. “Where they Stand” feature looked at the African-American women vote.

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