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Politics was second on each broadcast, after reports on the troubled economy.

ABC: After economic report, a look at Clinton ad and Obama’s “immediate” response. Likened the Clinton ad to Johnson’s “Daisy” and Mondale’s “red phone” ads. Stephanopoulos agreed the ads are “tough stuff,” said both sides have now offered closing arguments for Tuesday. Mention that Obama campaign manager Plouffe sounded unusually confident in Friday conference call. Stephanopoulos said the “grey area” for Clinton’s viability will be if she wins popular vote but loses among delegates Tuesday in Texas.

CBS: After economy, brief mention of Clinton and Obama ads. Package on controversy over Hagee’s McCain endorsement, mention that GOP may now have trouble attacking Obama for endorsement by Farrakhan or other controversial figures. Final “For the Record” report offered extensive look at Clinton’s career from Yale Law School to the U.S. Capitol.

NBC: With Lester Holt sitting in for Williams, program offered most positive package on Clinton in weeks after story on economic woes. Andrea Mitchell chronicled Clinton ad, Obama response. Looked at history of “controversial national security ads,” noted Clinton “narrowing the money gap,” being surrounded by former generals at Friday event saying she was qualified to be commander-in-chief. Tom Brokaw talked with “fired up” voters in Texas.

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