Evening News Roundup

Various Networks

Politics led all three programs.

ABC: Program led with McCain-Obama duel over Obama’s debate comment about al-Qaeda in Iraq; was cast as likely preview of general election battle to come. Mention of new ads and a popular amateur mariachi video supporting Obama. Story on Clinton’s economic summit in Ohio mentioned thinning crowd, panned across empty chairs. Clip of Clinton talking to reporters on airplane, mentioned her sidestepping question about her campaign after Tuesday.

CBS: Show led with Lewis’ defection to Obama. Combined with Sens. Dodd and Dorgan, reporter said apparently the party establishment is “trying to tell her something.” Debate wrap-up focused on Obama’s conciliatory words and body language, while “Clinton’s frustration was evident.” Again showed photo of Obama in African garb while discussing debate question on that subject.

NBC: Led with debate saying Clinton needed it to be a “game changer,” but instead is being outspent in Texas, Ohio, losing superdelegates. Aired interview with Rep. Lewis saying he “loves Clinton” and decision was harder than Selma march. Superdelegate count since Feb. 5: Obama +30, Clinton -5. Called Obama, McCain back-and-forth “preview of what might be the fall matchup.” Week-long issues series looked at immigration stances.

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