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The Democratic presidential race led all three programs.


ABC: Led with B. Clinton stating the “harsh reality” that H. Clinton must win Texas and Ohio to have a shot at the nomination. Report said she is still campaigning hard with new ads, new offices, continuing to press the “plagiarism” charge and publicizing the Obama supporter unable to cite his accomplishments on MSNBC. Report on Obama mentioned him cutting into Clinton’s air time Tuesday night and McCain “mocking” his oratory. Stephanopoulos said victory is now a “daunting prospect” for Clinton, and M. Obama probably defused her “proud” comment as long as she doesn’t repeat the mistake.


CBS: Lead report noted that Clinton must now win 57 percent of remaining delegates to overtake Obama in elected delegates. Mentioned large crowds in Texas for Obama and Teamsters endorsement, while Clinton tries to rally her “shrinking base.” Video of B. Clinton’s comment about Texas and Ohio. An unnamed Clinton aide said campaign is “grimly determined.” GOP report noted McCain’s “withering aim” at Obama, with comments from Charlie Black. Another mention of M. Obama’s comment and Cindy McCain’s response, as well as M. Obama’s damage-control effort Wednesday.


NBC: Led by officially crowning Obama “the frontrunner” after wins. Said his goal over next two weeks is to “look inevitable,” while Clinton’s is to excel in debates. Covered M. Obama’s explanation of “proud” remarks, Clinton’s NY speech, Obama crowd sizes. Turned to GOP, saying McCain is in general election mode, noted Obama, McCain sparring over finance, foreign policy. Russert weighed in, said Obama has Clinton “on the ropes,” outlined her campaign’s strategy through the convention. Later, package examined Ohio voters and whether they’ll break for Obama or Clinton.

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