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If the goal of the Clinton campaign was to get people focused on Obama’s words, it succeeded on the evening newscasts. However, there was no mention of Obama’s broken pledge on general election funding — another point the campaign pushed Monday.


ABC: Bush 41 endorsement of McCain led the program. McCain said to be closer with 41 than with George W. Bush; how close to appear with the unpopular 43 is cast as a tricky question. Then on to “plagiarism” charge against Obama—showed videos of Obama’s “just words” remarks, followed by Gov. Patrick’s speech two years earlier (watch it here). Also showed Clinton borrowing Obama’s “fired up” line. More video showed Clinton likening immigration enforcement to tracking movies from Blockbuster– then showed Edwards making the same point five months earlier.


CBS: Wisconsin Democratic race was the second story. Polls show the race will be tight, and Clinton is staying longer than expected to campaign. Then to “war of words”—showing tape of Obama followed by Patrick. Also showed tape of Clinton copying Obama’s “fired up” line (watch it here). Brief mention of Bush 41’s endorsement of McCain.


NBC: Led with Clinton-Obama’s “war over words,” showing section of Obama’s speech, then similar portion of a Deval Patrick speech (watch it here). Said it was Clinton’s “where’s the beef” moment, but also highlighted Obama brushing it off, Clinton doing same thing with husband’s line at Coretta Scott King’s funeral. Then, covered Bush 41’s McCain endorsement, including his gentle message to Huckabee. Looked into Bush 43’s role in McCain campaign, with President saying in interview “I will help him in any way I can.”

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