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ABC: Politics came after reports on baseball hearings and economic stimulus package. Wrapped up Tuesday’s contests, said momentum-driven Obama is on a “substance offensive” in Wisconsin, noting his “more detailed” speech at General Motors. Mentioned Wilhelm endorsement. Package looked at Clinton’s “sharper message,” including Wisconsin ad about debates, jab that Obama is simply in the “promises business.” Republicans hardly mentioned. Next, yet another explanation of superdelegates.


CBS: Wrap-up of Tuesday after baseball report. Report said Obama is lumping McCain and Clinton together over Iraq War. Noted Clinton is “much more energized,” mentioned Wisconsin ad and her line deriding Obama and the “promises business.” GOP report mentioned McCain nods from House leaders. Katie Couric interviewed Michelle Obama for Thursday’s “Evening News”; in brief clip, said her husband does offer substance and “isn’t all flash and fire and brimstone.”


NBC: Spent first chunk on congressional hearing with baseball’s Clemens and his former trainer, then looked at Obama’s sweep, new general election tone against McCain. Noted Clinton camp’s downplay of Tuesday’s losses, questioned if she could catch up. Highlighted how McCain stole Obama’s “fired up” line, showed clip of McCain saying it would “be much easier” if Huckabee withdrew.

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