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Romney’s departure from the race led all three shows


ABC: Report detailed Romney’s decision to drop out, McCain’s CPAC address and new status as de facto nominee. Said Romney has no plans to endorse McCain. Stephanopoulos said Clinton’s fundraising trouble is largely resolved, for now.


CBS: After reports on Romney and McCain, Jeff Greenfield looked at McCain’s effort to court conservatives, noting Limbaugh’s continued skepticism. Said many conservatives are also unhappy with Huckabee. Campaign Notebook noted that Clinton and Obama have both raised $7.5 million since Super Tuesday, said Clinton was prepared to lend her campaign another $15 million.


NBC: Lead segment recapped Romney’s run, McCain at CPAC, Huckabee’s vow to continue. Next, considered Reagan as the “modern day Republican gold standard,” asked if Romney’s invocation of the Gipper at CPAC could undermine McCain’s appeal. Then Russert weighed in, saying McCain’s challenge is to “excite” the party, while Romney’s (if he’s looking at ‘12) is to stay involved. Wrapped up with the Dem money race (including Obama questioning details of Clinton’s $5 million loan, why Clintons were low on money and their 24-hour online fudraising surge).

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