Evening News Roundup


Broadcasts all led with lengthy Super Tuesday segments.


ABC: Lead report looked at “closing arguments” before Tuesday’s vote, including De Niro with Obama in New Jersey and Romney’s last-minute trip to CA. Stephanopoulos said Huckabee may win some southern states and erode Romney’s support; on Democratic side he’ll be watching CA, MA and MO. Interview with Michelle Obama.


CBS: Brief interviews with each candidate. Obama said Clinton is “the favorite,” predicts a “split decision” Tuesday. A raspy Clinton said she is not watching the polls. McCain brushed off Santorum’s attacks on his temperament, said he “begged” McCain to campaign for him in PA. McCain hit Romney on economic policies but offered only praise for Huckabee. Romney said he couldn’t comment on McCain’s temperament. Huckabee said he’ll continue until someone’s locked up all the needed delegates. In “Primary Questions,” candidates touted their economic experience; Clinton referred to her husband’s presidency as “the first Clinton administration.”


NBC: Super Tuesday took up first chunk of broadcast, starting with package on Obama threatening Clinton’s leads in CA, NJ, NY. Then Williams interviewed Obama, where he defended his support from Latino voters, said he can take on GOP machine (noting his opponent hasn’t “been going out of the way to take it easy on me.”) Next, covered fight between Romney, McCain on who’s more conservative. Russert weighed in, said the Democratic fight Tuesday will be about women, for the GOP it will be about conservatism.

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