Evening News Roundup

ABC: Led with business stories, then Super Tuesday. Stephanopoulos mentioned MoveOn, LA Times backing Obama, Sunday rally with Oprah and C. Kennedy. Clinton has new ad with RFK Jr. and Cesar Chavez Jr. Noted “hint of resignation” in Romney’s voice. Report looked at Obama-Clinton “dream ticket.” Cokie Roberts talked with women about a potential female president.


CBS: After stories on business and Iraq, report looked at conservative ire against McCain, citing Rick Santorum, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, Hugh Hewitt. Mentioned Obama/Oprah/C. Kennedy rally. Campaign Notebook looked at Obama’s continued criticism of Clinton’s Iraq vote, possibility of them sharing a ticket– nameless Clinton aide said not to rule it out.


NBC: Led with recap of Thursday’s debate, focused on candidates’ attempts to sell their electability. On the GOP race, reported on McCain’s emergence as the front-runner and his struggle to win over the far right.

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