Evening News Roundup

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Political news led all three broadcasts.
ABC: Led with Edwards’ withdrawal, praise from other Democrats. Elizabeth Edwards said she’s unsurprised Obama and Clinton are seeking his support. Then to McCain’s win in Florida, Giuliani’s withdrawal and endorsement. Quoted Rush Limbaugh’s objections, but said Schwarzenegger nod could come as soon as Thursday. Stephanopoulos said Obama’s “taunting” Denver speech was toughest yet on Clintons.


CBS: Led with McCain’s Florida win and his new momentum. Noted that Limbaugh et al are skeptical on global warming, taxes, immigration and that Romney has been hurt by Huckabee. Edwards report said “timing seems odd” for his departure, said staffers learned only Wednesday. As for endorsement, Edwards said to believe Obama too inexperienced and Clinton too indecisive. Jeff Greenfield said his supporters could scatter to both rivals.


NBC: Led the broadcast on the day’s dropouts, starting on package with Edwards. Concluded his supporters could go to either remaining candidate. Next, covered Giuliani’s McCain endorsement, digging into the “reversal of fortunes” that occurred. Looked at what the top four candidates left are banking on for Super Tuesday. Russert weighed in, saying Super Tuesday could wrap it up for a GOP, thinks earliest the Dems will be decided is March.

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