Evening News Roundup


A strong news cycle for Obama, with all three networks leading with the Kennedy endorsement. Anchors all in Washington for the State of the Union.


ABC: Lead package said nod from Kennedys was “no ordinary endorsement,” also mentioned Toni Morrison. RFK Jr. stood by his Clinton endorsement in interview. Charlie Gibson sat down with Ted and Caroline Kennedy– he did not acknowledge his speech took shots at the Clintons. Stephanopoulos said the timing couldn’t be worse for the Clintons. Report from Florida looked at tense McCain-Romney feud.


CBS: Report covered Kennedy endorsement, asked whether B. Clinton has become a liability (again replaying Jesse Jackson comment). Also noted that Obama trails in most Feb. 5 polls, and Clinton has won many endorsements of her own. Also a GOP report, which called Florida Giuliani’s first and last stand.


NBC: Looked at Kennedy endorsement, in interview Obama said he had “emotions” during speech. A report on what the endorsement means for Clintons, recapping history of two families, said they lost Kennedy because of B. Clinton’s attacks on Obama. Next, Romney-McCain package on using the GOP-despised word “liberal” against each other and Giuliani staying out of the fray. Russert weighed in on Kennedy “heavyweight” endorsement, called him his “number one surrogate.”

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