HALPERIN’S TAKE: The Candidates’ Main Advantages


1. New York, California, New Jersey, Connecticut, Ohio, and Texas

2. A sustained national polling lead

3. Closed primaries in which only Democrats vote

4. Perceived experience

5. White, Hispanic, and low-income voters


1.  “Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton” will never sound like change

2.  The media is (passionately) on his side

3.  Maryland, Virginia, Wisconsin, and caucus states

4.  Internet money

5.  A loyal, ardent, focused staff

1. The national security card

2. The media is (cozily) on his side

3.  Experience

4.  Open primaries

5.  Gov. Charlie Crist


1. His (still vast) bank account

2. Virulently anti-McCain Republicans who will champion him by default in a one-on-one race

3.  The rising salience of the economic issue and his crisp CEO argument

4.  Talk radio

5.  Vigor and acute drive

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