Republican-on-Republican Action

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–Romney campaign releases new Web video targeting McCain on taxes. Click here to watch.


–McCain fires back with his own Web video, portraying Romney as a windsurfing flip-flopper. Read more.


–Huckabee hits Romney on Bain years: “If one looks at his business career it was largely dealing with a capital company that took companies and broke them apart.”


–McCain campaign topper Rick Davis on Romney to National Journal’s Linda Douglass: “He has established himself as the King of Flip-Floppery.”


More Davis: “Mitt made his money, he learned politics and economics from being a venture capitalist, where you go and buy companies, you strip away the jobs and you re-sell them. And if that’s what his experience has been to be able to lead our economy, I’d really raise questions.”


Response from Romney campaign: “Unfortunately, (McCain) doesn’t have a record on job creation and has instead voted against tax relief policies designed to grow the economy….”


McCain’s McKinnon on Romney: “If Romney were the general election nominee, he’d be the Republican John Kerry. He’s been so utterly flexible in his positions. There’s just no sign of a backbone or principles or consistency. He would just get eaten alive.”

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