HALPERIN’S TAKE: A Dozen Things to Focus On That Aren’t Getting Enough Attention

Last-minute radio ads in South Carolina and Florida.

How Clinton, Obama, and McCain deal with the State of the UnionĀ  (and the content of the State of the Union itself).

Those still unexplained communications between John Edwards and his two rivals.

How the Obama campaign tries to keep the Florida results from mattering one whit in the media’s mind.

Which candidates will still be around to participate in the California debates.

How much of his own money Romney has spent when the new financial reports come out.

If any of the candidates (in both parties) will agree to additional Super Tuesday debates.

The potential strategy for lagging, underfunded candidates to run one- or two-state Super Tuesday campaigns.

How Bill Clinton is deployed in Super Tuesday states (Red, Blue, or Purple).

Hillary Clinton’s under-the-radar use of entertainment TV shows to extend her Super Tuesday reach.

Which campaign currently is best organized for the upcoming all-important two weeks, and which ones are having internal wars about how to allocate resources.

Which candidates are best in control their public images.

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