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NBC: Led with report from Michigan focused on the economy, Romney, McCain, Huckabee’s reception there. Then spot on the Democratic race and race – Clinton at MLK celebration in New York (described the Clinton campaign as in “damage control” over New Hampshire comment); Bob Johnson and B. Clinton reprised; Obama NBC interview saying Clinton camp is “trying to knock” him off message; Clinton tapes the Tyra Banks show. No discussion of Obama seeking a truce. Mention that Edwards has been “showing progress in polls.”


ABC: After leading with a medical story, touted ABC-Washington Post poll and discussed with Stephanopoulos – shift in African-American vote to Obama causing national tightening; said both sides are seeking a cease-fire; economy a big issue. Then a report from Michigan, emphasizing the economy. McCain focused on retraining, Romney on energy and action; scenes from a factory and a diner.


CBS: After medical story, touted CBS-NY Times poll with good news for McCain, bad for Giuliani. Report from Michigan opened with McCain support based on Straight Talk and tough-on-terror love; stressed importance of winning the state to Romney. Campaign ’08 Notebook featured Huckabee shot at Romney on potentially losing primary; early voting in Florida; Giuliani’s Sunshine State poll slippage. Then Democratic piece from Nevada on race – Obama in interview suggests it’s Clinton driving negative rhetoric; reprise of Robert Johnson, Obama reaction to it as “silly season of politics.” No mention of the truce.

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