Evening News Roundup

ABC: Led with economic concerns, followed by Campaign ’08. Brief mentions of Richardson’s withdrawal and Kerry’s Obama endorsement (called a slap at Edwards). Two political packages focused on the upcoming calendars.


CBS: Led with economy and its role in the ’08 race, noted it has replaced war as top voter concern. Package looked at two parties’ differing views on taxes and boosting the economy. Campaign Notebook included Obama winning Kerry’s support and access to his 3 million-member email list (also considered the move a jab at Edwards). Also, Richardson’s withdrawal.


NBC: Led with sweeping Andrea Mitchell package on the Democrats going national, Obama’s Kerry endorsement (including his snub of Edwards and swipe at the Clintons), Richardson’s pullout and the goal for campaigns to raise $1 million/day to saturate the airwaves as Feb. 5 nears. Ron Allen on the GOP said SC is shaping up to be a contest between McCain and Huckabee, with the main issues being the Iraq war and illegal immigration.

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