New York Times With Clinton Campaign Classic

Essential reading: Questions about B. Clinton’s role, trying to steal the “change” theme, Mark Penn’s strategy, reliance on polling, and (it wouldn’t be a Clinton campaign crisis without) blind quotes galore.


Democratic presidential hopeful New York


“When facing political crises, the couple’s modus operandi has been to attack their attackers and question their motives. But Mr. Obama is not Kenneth W. Starr, Newt Gingrich or Paula Jones; a presidential campaign is not a Washington scandal; and the Clinton strategy of attacking Mr. Obama’s readiness for the presidency did not work in Iowa. . . .”


“Clinton advisers said Friday that they would not mount a negative advertising campaign against Mr. Obama in New Hampshire, saying the primary was too soon for such an onslaught to have any effect. And they said there were no plans to bring in new senior advisers to help right her campaign. . . .”


“Now anger inside the campaign at the news media has hardened; Mr. Clinton, in particular, believes reporters will be complicit if Mr. Obama becomes the nominee and loses to a Republican.”

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