Evening News Roundup

ABC: David Wright led show with Obama in NH, played his claim that winning the state will bring him the White House. Kate Snow looked at the Clintons, heard Bill Clinton say he’d rather have 10 days than 5 to campaign. Also played footage of Obama making allegedly “liberal” or inconsistent claims highlighted by the Clinton campaign. Jake Tapper noted that Huckabee may have more trouble in secular, libertarian NH, noted he’s speaking less about values issues. John Berman noted Romney cited “change” 21 times in a NH address. Stephanopoulos called NH a must-win for Romney, noted that Clinton has little time to stop Obama without looking desperate.


CBS: Dean Reynolds on the “Obama steamroller,” quoted Clinton urging voters to ask Obama where he stands on the issues. Nancy Cordes looked at Huckabee’s IA win, said a strong third-place finish in NH would be successful. Campaign Notebook included McCain calling NH a must-win, Edwards calling himself an underdog, strong Dem turnout in IA. Bob Schieffer was skeptical about Huckabee in NH, noting he has little money or organization and the state lacks religious conservatives. Obama’s campaign, though, has a “60s movement feel” to it. Jeff Greenfield suggested other Democrats are already setting the stage for a loss in NH, to focus on later states.


NBC: First eight minutes devoted to ’08 race, focusing on how Iowa will frame NH’s contest. Andrea Mitchell focused on Obama’s youth turnout and how Clinton is targeting campaign on a younger audience. David Gregory said NH is a “must-win” for both McCain and Romney, said Huckabee has raised half a million in 24 hours. Russert weighed in on NH race — said state with strong woman background could help Clinton. Said McCain and Obama will be fighting over the same independent voters. Tom Brokaw package talked to undecided NH voters.

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